With the grand landscape, it is the smaller contributing parts that create
the magic of The Palouse as a whole.

Pieces of The Palouse

There is more to The Palouse than the colorful—and often bold geometric —landscapes. In fact, as much as anything else, it is probably the contribution of many smaller subjects of interest that put the capital "T" in The Palouse. Farm equipment, old cars, barns, silos and graineries contribute to and create the magic of the scenery. These contributing elements are most often seen in supporting roles of Palouse photography. In this gallery, however, I endeavor to give them many leading roles, utilizing strong graphic opportunities to create dramatic and energetic images in this peaceful and bucolic setting.


This is my impression of one week in June at The Palouse. Weather was most agreeable for photography. It offered a gamut of overcast skies and light rain, scattered puffy white clouds, and clear blue skies. Each had its merits and moods. I invite you to take a moment to explore each of these photographs. Enjoy the play of light and shadow and the graphic relationships of elements.