"A lot of people think that when you have grand scenery, such as you have in Yosemite, that photography must be easy."  --Galen Rowell

Yosemite Valley in Winter

It is true that you can point a camera in just about any direction while at Yosemite National Park and find something beautiful or interesting. But photography is more than just "taking pictures." Photography is about revealing the essence of a subject, and, as Ansel Adams said, sometimes even showing "something that isn't really there."

Because the grand views of Yosemite are so often photographed, I think it's worth also exploring the smaller elements of the landscape. Perhaps, after seeing these photographs, you will agree. And, if I have been successful, you will have a sense of what the view at Yosemite "feels like." Apologies, in advance, for the large file sizes of the ice photographs: they do not compress well, and they benefit more from sparkle than speed.

Three Steps of Yosemite Falls Upper Yosemite Falls The Valley Road Three Brothers Horsetail Falls Gold Leaf Finish Window Treatment Looking Out Horsetail Falls in Pink Falls and Mist at El Capitan Morning Light Clouds Also in the Rain Weather Valley Resident High Country Sunset Stones at Stone Bridge Framed A View from the River Bark Mosaic Trailside Billy Bob Cat Sunrise on Ice Oak Leaf and Ice Blue and Gold Frost Sparkling Pines At Pond's Edge Diamonds in the Creek Afternoon at El Capitan

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